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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the common FAQ's that we get at NEE

Can i get my goods delivered?
Yes, we use Australia Post but other couriers can be arranged if required.

How long will it take for my job to be completed?
Generally allow a week. Unfortunately this varies greatly as NEE works on a first in first served basis, so it is best to ask at time of quote.

Can NEE design new or translate logos for engraving?
Yes, but it will obviously incur some cost, please contact us in regard to this matter.

What is the maximum size that NEE can engrave?
Depends on the material being engraved and the design of the engraving. Please contact us for if size is a concern.

How much will it cost for my engraving?
NEE charges for materials and the time taken to engrave (factors include design complexity, material type, number of machine passes), therefore every job cost will be different.

What methods of payment are acceptable?
Direct Deposit, Cash, Cheque and EFTPOS (credit cards included) are available methods. Frequent customers may also enquire about accounts.